This summer CWF Wrestlelusion RETURNS to the Meridian Centre! On August 10, do not miss your chance to come and see your favourite CWF Stars, Rebelution Stars, TNA Stars, and former WWE Superstars in action! With a stacked event card, do not miss a second of the action and click the link below for full details.

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Tara Zep ends Beaa Moss' title reign and captured the unified CWF and Rebeution Women's titles!

At CWF Canadian Warfare,  CWF Womens Champion Beaa Moss was presented with the newly acquired Rebelution Womens Championship.  Later on that evening, she would face challenger Tara Zep, and despite her best efforts, her deceptive practices backfired and Tara rolled her up for a 3 count. 

We're back!

At Wrestleusion XI, on the one year anniversary of our first title match, Eric Bischoff kicked off The New Rebelution. 

In 2024, CWF Canada officially acquired Rebelution Womens Wrestling and it's library. 

Stay tuned for the future of The New CWF Rebelution !!!

The New Rebelution Women's Wrestling is proud to announce it's partnership with Canadian Wrestling Federation. Working together, we will not only maintain the core of what Rebelution represents, but will take it to bigger heights and a larger audience. 

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In light of the recent allegations and people coming forward and speaking out, I wanted to issue a statement on behalf of Rebelution Women's Wrestling. The core of Rebelution was to give female athletes a stage to shine, free of discrimination or harrassment. Our talent are given alot of creative freedom and input to matches we've put together. No one will ever be asked to do anything or pursue a storyline if they do not feel comfortable with it. We have been and intend to stay a family friendly show. We want you to bring your kids, let them be inspired by the many wonderful female athletes we bring in, to look up to as role models, not objects.  As many of my talent know, I am very approachable and have always held an open door policy to discuss ideas, concerns in a fair manner. It saddens me in this day and age we even have to address these issues at all, however, I fully support the people coming forward, the people afraid to come forward and anyone who has issues and concerns. We are here for you. Our locker room has been extremely supportive of each other, working together as a team to provide one goal - entertain and inspire. We have a zero tolerance policy - whether it be talent, staff, or fans - we will not let our athletes be intimidated or harassed. Anyone reported doing so will be removed from our shows without prejudice. We are all in this together. 

Chris Levionnois, Promoter
Rebelution Women's Wrestling 


There is help, if you feel harassed or abused. 

Below is a link to Resources internationally for women who need help in abusive situations

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Welcome to the official website of CWF Rebelution Women's Wrestling

CWF Rebelution Women's Wrestling was born out of the idea that women's wrestling can and should be taken just as seriously as the men's. We wanted to bring together an incredible mix of the top female talent from all levels under one roof, to display their amazing athletic abilities. 

We have created a safe and fun environment for the women of wrestling to call home, and look to become one of the top female promotions in Canada. 

We are based out of the CWF Studio, home of the Canadian Wrestling Federation. 

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Rebelution Women's Wrestling offers you the best female athletes in the world, mixed with rising stars from all levels. 

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